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About us

Dharma Jyothi Social Centre was established in 1981 under the inspiring leadership of Sr. Maria Goretti. The centre today has made pioneering strides in children’s education, community development, social and economic upliftment, women’s empowerment, environment, health and hygiene.

Our Vision

Our vision is Christ centered of an integrated human society living in love, freedom, justice, peace and in harmony with the creation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to witness and to proclaim the compassionate love of god to all especially the women, the marginalized the vulnerable people in the society empowering them to create a new world order.

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Our Programs

Integrated Child Development Program

  • Child sponsorship program
  • Tuition Centres
  • Children’s Club
  • Summer and Holiday Camps
  • Other Planned Activities
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  • Self Help Groups
  • Income Generating Programs
  • Awareness and Capacity Building Programs
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Youth Programs

  • Career Guidance.
  • Skill and technical training courses.
  • Self-employment for unemployed youth.
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Health Programs

  • Medical assistance to the poor and also admission of poor patients to hospital in the vicinity of Dharma Jyothi Social Centre and for other needy poor patients who approach the Centre.
  • Construction of 125 toilets with the support of the donors for the poor in the villages. With the help of the government an additional 26 toilets were also built
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Community Development Programs

  • There are 8 communities under DJSC care.
  • Once a month community meetings are organised, in order to discuss the problems, needs of the community and to find solutions for these problems.
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Nutrition Program

  • Training sessions in classical and folk dances.
  • Summer courses in art and culture.
  • Documenting traditional folk songs, practices and customs.
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Counselling Programs

  • Counselling services for children and adults.
  • Counselling services for slow learners.
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Ongoing relief on a day to day basis

People with various personal issues come to Dharma Jyothi Social Centre from Mangalore and beyond , for immediate financial support in their time of need. These individuals are assessed by trained counsellors and assistance is provided to them immediately.

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