Self Help Groups

Homogeneous group for thrift and credit for developing self reliance among the poor women.

Income Generating Programs

Women are given skill training in the production of candle, detergents, soaps, mats, brooms, rope products, snacks, sweets, pickle, managing catering and canteen services, selling timber, dry fish and opening petty shops.

Women are encouraged to grow and cultivate kitchen and medicinal gardens. Animal husbandry program – cows distributed to village people and widows. Honey bee rearing information given to the women.

Awareness and Capacity Building Programs

Awareness talks on women’s rights relating to violence against women and availing government facilities.

Good health and nutrition

Talks on stress management, to build healthy relationships,

Study tours and exposure visits to various small scale industries.

‘Hombeleku’ rehabilitation program for 25 young widows, where they are motivated and empowered through education and financial support given to them every month.

Help the needy People