Child Sponsorship Program

A sponsor supports a child financially to get a good education by providing all the educational necessities for the child to continue his or her education.

We have organised several development programs and social interventions for the sponsored children, their parents, and the children of the community at large.

The emphasis has been on education of children through a blend of social consciousness and cultural values.

Children who are orphans, who has single parent, children from large and poor families are selected for Sponsorship Programme.

Tuition Centres

The main purpose of the tuition centres are to support the children of illiterate parents to ensure the children do well in their studies.

The children have been given special coaching to improve their grades. There has been a very positive and encouraging change in their study pattern and results. Tuition teachers are appointed from the same village. There are 12 students in each class. From Monday to Friday regular coaching classes are conducted from 5.00 to 6.00 p.m. for one hour. Through this programme there has been increase of 85% in the pass rate for participating students.

Children’s Club

The emphasis has been on the all-round development of every child. The objective is to identify hidden skills and talents and then nurture and develop these skills and talents. These children should eventually be able to project confidence and maturity in their interaction with their peers and the wider community.

There are 5 children’s clubs operating in 3 villages every Saturday. Four of the clubs are operating in Moodushedde village at Vamanjoor and one club is functioning at a place called Pavoor which falls at Karnataka and Kerala border. Activities like dance, quiz, drama, singing, painting, drawing, debate, music and sports (indoor and outdoor games) are conducted for the children in these communities.

Summer and Holiday Camps

We organise holiday and summer camps every year in order to help the children of various villages, where Dharma Jyothi Social Centre operates. Camps are also conducted to the children who are in the sponsored programme of Dharma Jyothi Social Centre.

Through these camps various activities are conducted such as classes in computer and English, drawing, music, dance and painting as well as workshops on personality development, leadership, personal hygiene and sex education among others.

Other Planned Activities

Children who attend tuition and children’s club classes are taken to study tours and for outings to science clubs, museums, parks and zoos in and around Mangalore. Sponsored children are also helped financially to attend school picnics and tours organized by their respective schools.

Midday meals are provided for 65 poor children of Vidya Jyothi Private School which is located adjacent to Dharma Jyothi Social Centre.

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