Activities for the month October 2023

Dharma Jyothi Social Centre organized a program at the DKRDS Centre in Belthangady on October 16, 2023. The event aimed to bring together the parents of sponsored children for an informative session and to provide essential resources to the participants. Mrs. Renita, the resource person, delivered a talk on anti-drug awareness. The distribution of health kits and Christmas gifts was a generous and thoughtful gesture. Such initiatives play a crucial role in strengthening the community and promoting awareness on important issues.

Dharma Jyothi Social Centre organized a programme for the sponsored children parents at Uppinangady on October 19, 2023, It was a successful and meaningful event. Mrs. Renita's talk on anti-drug awareness provided valuable knowledge to the participating parents, As part of the program, health kits and Christmas gifts were distributed to each participant. This gesture aimed to support the parents in ensuring the health and happiness of their families.

Dharma Jyothi Social Centre conducted an Anti-Drug Abuse program at Nava Chethana School for high school students on October 27, 2023. The program's main objective was to raise awareness about the perils of drug abuse and empower students with knowledge to make informed decisions.Mrs. Lizy and Mrs. Nancy, both esteemed counselors from the School of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya, Mangalore were the Resource Persons.. They brought their extensive expertise and experience to the program.A total of 112 high school students actively participated in the program, demonstrating significant interest and commitment to the cause.Mrs. Renita, a dedicated social worker representing Dharma Jyothi Social Centre, played a key role in organizing and facilitating the program. The event was further enriched by the presence of Master of Social Work (MSW) students specializing in community work.

Dharma Jyothi Social Centre supported by Arise Foundation in collaboration with Susheg Charitable Trust, Mangalore organized Suicidal Prevention awareness campaign on 28th October 2023 for 124 Self Help Group women of Souharda Federation Group at Vamanjoor. Mrs. Jyothi Kanade and Mrs. Merlin were the resource persons. It was very effective and women learnt the tips to handle the suicidal attempts and thus help others from this situation. Sr. Joel Lasrado, the Co-ordinator presided the programme.

Dharma Jyothi Social Centre organized an awareness talk on Cancer and Drug abuse on 29th October 2023 at 10.30 a.m. in Queen of Apostles, SRA Convent hall. Resource Person Dr. Aravind, Professor and Cancer Surgeon from Kanachur Hospital, Derlakatte gave an informative talk and about the facilities available in the Hospitals. 165 parents took active part and gained knowledge.

Rev. Sr. Joel Lasrado SRA the Co-ordinator of Dharma Jyothi Social Centre attended and distributed Health kits. After the programme a meal was served for all the gathering.

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