Activities for the month of January, February & March 2023

Children’s Fest:

On 14th January 2023 children’s fest was organised at Gramabivraddhi Sangha, Edurpadav for children’s club students various games and cultural programs were conducted by Mrs. Renita Lewis. 35 students actively participated. There was lots of Joy & fun.

Awareness on Bank Loan:

On 16t January 2023 awareness programme on Bank Loan was held at Ulaibettu. Mrs. Shalini was the Resource Person. She explained about savings and Bank Loans. 12 members of self-help group have benefited from this programme.

Mental Stress:

A talk on Mental Stress was held on 21st January 2023 at Dharma Jyothi Social Centre. Mrs. Renita Lewis and Mrs. Kavitha were the Resource Persons. They explained about stress and sings of stress. 12 Tailoring students were present.

Awareness on Cancer:

On 28th January 2023 awareness talk on Cancer was held at Dharma Jyothi Social Centre. Dr. Guru Prasad oncologist was the Resource Person. He Explained about Overian Cancer. Its causes Symptoms and treatments. 61 members of self-help groups were benefitted by this programme.On 10th February 2023 cancer awareness programme was held at Chilimbigudde. Resource Person Mrs. Kavitha Lobo was explained the gathering about the types of Cancer. Its Symptoms and what all pre-cautions we should take the early stage. 12 members of Self-Help group were attended.

Menstrual Health and Hygiene:

On 21st February 2023 a talk Menstrual Health and Hygiene was conducted at Government Higher Primary School, Thiruvail. Resource Persons Mrs. Renita Lewis and Mrs. Kavitha Lobo were briefly explained about poor menstrual Hygiene and how to prevent infections. 50 students have benefited this programme.

Awareness programme for widows:

On 27th of February 2023 Awareness programme for widows was organised at Dharma Jyothi Social Centre. Resource Person Mrs. Harini from Deeds Centre gave a speech on how to lead an independent life in society. 40 widows actively participated and shared their opinions. All were given 5 Kg of rice kit.

Sponsor Parents Meet:

On 28th February 2023 an awareness talk on cancer was held at Dharma Jyothi Social Centre. Dr. Irene Veigas and Dr. Mohammed Guthigar from Yenopoya College were the Resource Persons. 37 parents of sponsored children benefited by this programme.

Women’s Day Celebration:

Dharma Jyothi Social Centre celebrated International Women’s Day on 8th March at Pilikula Regional Science Centre. About 175 women actively participated in this event. Provincial Superior Rev. Sr. Leena V.J. S.R.A. inaugurated the event. Prof. K.V. Rao, the Director of Pilikula Regional Science Centre presided over the function. Dr. Shri. Devi Saralaya, Prof. of Computer Science at St. Joseph Engineering College, was the key resource person. Rev. Sr. Joel Lasrado S.R.A. the Co-Ordinator of Dharma Jyothi Social Centre, and Mrs. Thilaka, President of Sowhardha Women’s Self-Help Group were also present.

First, Rev. Sr. Joel Lasrado welcomed the gathering. After which the resource person spoke on the pros and cons of Digitalization and the need for Gender Equality in our society. The event was concluded with a vote of thanks by Mrs. Renita Lewis.

Women Wellness Cancer Screening Programme:

On 15th March 2023 a Women Wellness Cancer Screening Programme was organized at Dharma Jyothi Social Centre with the collaboration of Mobile Women’s Wellness Clinic from Yenapoya hospital, Derlakatte. There were 75 women who benefitted from the programme.

Dr. Lemcia, Yenapoya Hospital inaugurated the camp. Superior Rev. Sr. Marlit SRA presided, Dr. Ramyashreeand Rev. Sr. Joel Lasrado SRA, the Co-ordintator of Dharma Jyothi Social Centre were present for the programme.

Mrs. Renita Lewis welcomed the gathering. The Resource Person Dr. Ramyashree gave an awareness on Cancer and wellness. The programmeconcluded with a vote of thanks by Mrs. Kavitha Lobo.

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