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  • Mr Ronald Pinto , aged 50, of Vamanjoor, Nirala is Bed ridden for 8 Years has been visited and assured medical Support as well as Educational assistance to his son.
  • Mr. Gopal Shetty, aged 55 of Shiva Nagar is suffering from Blood Cancer is visited and assured Educational help to his daughter.
  • Mr Valerian D’ Souza, aged 53 of Kiram, is constantly helped towards medication and family and educational support is provided.
  • Mrs Laxmi aged 38, Suffering from HIV and lost her husband due to HIV expired lately and the daughter is promised towards her education.
  • Mrs. Bhavani aged 32 is suffering from Intestine cancer is promised for the educational help towards her son.
  • Mr Radha Krishna suffering from Kidney failure was shifted to Ave Maria Palliative Care unit and breathed his last on 14th August. His 2 children are helped towards their education.
  • Mr Ithappa Vamanjoor aged 45 who is bedridden for several years was visited and was given food materials and clothing.
  • Mrs. Mumtaz who is abandoned by her husband and living with her 4 kids is promised for the Educational help.
  • Mrs Indira aged 34 from Shiva Nagar is suffering from both the KIDNEY FAILURE is visited and promised for the medical help. The couples have no children. Hence the husband has deserted her and she lives with her sister.
  • Manisha’s father was an Auto Driver was bitten by a snake late night when he returned from his work. There after the leg was turned into this position in spite of all medication. He is on wheel chair.
  • Nishmitha aged 22 is suffering from severe back ache. She has no father and she lives with her mother. She has no other siblings. She is on bed whole day and mother goes for work for her treatment.
  • Olita aged 13 Years is suffering from lower back ache and was advised for complete bed rest. Her family is poor and are unable to meet the health needs.
  • Mrs. Usha R from Pachanady, received Rs. 50,000/- ( Rupees Fifty Thousand only) under the Health Insurance Scheme on Account of her Son Mr Hardik Raj aged 25, who died in a road accident in August 2016.

Health Programs

  • Medical assistance to the poor and also admission of poor patients to hospital in the vicinity of Dharma Jyothi Social Centre and for other needy poor patients who approach the Centre.
  • Construction of 125 toilets with the support of the donors for the poor in the villages. With the help of the government an additional 26 toilets were also built
  • Seventy five poor families are provided with safe drinking water.
  • We provide nutritious food grains on a weekly basis to 25 tuberculosis patients.
  • Tuberculosis program in association with Government hospitals – social workers surveying houses in different villages and collecting data and statistics, and raise awareness in villages.
  • Planned treatment program when tuberculosis cases are identified, to eradicate the disease.
  • Free medical camps, where medical check-ups are conducted including blood tests, dental check up, skin, orthopaedic, eye and cardiac tests for men, women and children.
  • Free spectacles are distributed to people who have a vision impairment
  • Awareness talks and programmes on tuberculosis, cancer, dengue, malaria, HIV/AIDS, Filaria, jaundice, cholera, typhoid as well as other contagious diseases.
                    o Clinical and blood tests for AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria, Filaria and skin related diseases.
                    o Referral services and follow up are maintained on an ongoing basis.
  • Awareness talk to promote nutritious food, kitchen garden, herbal medicine, health, hygiene and sanitation.
  • DJSC Alcoholics Anonymous group formed with meetings every Monday.

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