a wing of Dharma Jyothi Charitable Society

  • There are 8 communities under DJSC care.
  • Once a month community meetings are organised, in order to discuss the problems, needs of the community and to find solutions for these problems.
  • There is a community hall in every village, built by the people through the help of DJSC, donors and through the contribution of community people skills and free labour. These community halls are used to conduct community meetings, tuition classes, children’s clubs and for community celebrations.
  • Awareness programs on environmental issues are imparted to the community.
  • ‘Vanamahotsava’ (Afforestation program) – The planting of trees is encouraged.
  • Organic Farming, earth worm culture, use of natural manure is promoted in the villages.
  • Every year environment cleaning camps are conducted in the communities. People of the villages come together to clean the village and repair the roads and drains.
  • Awareness on plastic clearance, as well as water harvesting and saving.
  • Organising events against the destruction of the natural environment and pollution.
  • Education is provided to the community relating to right to information, right to education, right to food, customer’s rights, etc.

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